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Published application runs only from one server in machine catalog?

Roger Norrgaringrd




I'll try to start from beginning :)


I have a machine catalog containing 3 servers, on those servers I have installed an application, path is the same on all 3.

I have published the application in Citrix Studio (7.13) and the application runs as it should from Storefront.


But when i check the servers i can see that the users are running the app from only one server?

Currently there are 7 users logged on one of the servers and i have checked this for some time and it's the same server only .

It's like the other 2 servers dont exist or not available?


I've checked the rights in Remote Desktop Users and they're the same on all 3 servers.


All servers are registered in the machine catalog and no one is in maintenance mode.


Any ideas?


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In Studio, find the machine catalog and view the machines in it.   Then, use Select Columns, and put a tick in the box for Load Index.   See how the machine with the users on compares to the ones that don't have any.  I suspect that for some reason, the machines without users are showing a very high Load Index which is why it keeps putting users on the first one.

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Current Load Index.


Server 1 = 1678

Server 2 = 727

Server 3 = 1731


Server 2 is the server where all users are connected to, i have at the moment 7 connections on Server 2, but 0 connections on Server 1 and 3?

Server 1 and 3 shows very little activity in Task Manager. They don't seem to utilize any resources?


edit: Shouldn't the values be the opposite? Low on server 1 and 3 and high on server 2?

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