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Citrix Desktop Lock disconnects automatically from session after Logon

Jonas Breitenberger




As a quick disclaimer: 

I already tried: https://support.citrix.com/article/CTX224264, I set the registry key value to 0 and added the LiveInDesktopDisconnectonLock Registry Key. 

At first it looked like it works, but then after a few tests, the problem returned again.


I recently deployed DesktopLock/SSON to our ThinClients (t530/t520). For one week, we had no problems.

Then one client had a problem with the logon. A few seconds after the user logged on, the ThinClient initiated a log-off and disconnected the session.


I tried the following things: 

Restarting ThinClient; Logging off the users session with citrix Studio; deleted the users local profile and recreating it; checked eventlog of the ThinClient: nothing; 

Tested with another user: same problem. 


After that a few other devices had the same problem. 


So i tried some further troubleshooting with a ThinClient from a user which experienced the issue on his device. 

First I did not have the issue, while logging in with a test user. On our ThinClients the energy settings are configured to shut down the display after 30 minutes.

So I changed that to one minute and waited while the citrix session was open. After the screen came back on, i had to re-login and Citrix re-established the connection to the session. 

Now i had the same issue as the user before. The client logged-off automatically a few seconds after login. 


I tried the following things:

- Setting the registry keys mentioned above; Restarting session and thinclient; Deleted local profiles and recreating them. 

Nothing worked for me. 


At this point I wasn't able anymore to get the issue fixed on this client until i deployed the original Image back to the client. 



On the clients we are using Workspace 1902 with Desktop Lock 1902. It is a Win10IoT OS, WinVersion 1607 (There should be no newer one). 

Also a newer version of Workspace/Desktop Lock does not seem to be compatible with the OS on the clients. 


We have Citrix Delivery Controller 1912 LTSR and VDA v2003


Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I don't know where to look next. 

Thanks to everyone in advance!


~ J

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