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FSlogix office container getting created but profile container is not

John Morrissey1709152766


Hi all,

Firstly apols not sure exactly what forum to post to so thought would put under general digital workplace. Just starting off working through a POC for fslogix and hit a snag on container creation principally with profile container creation. Office container creation appears fine(checked in compmgmt) - have enclosed profile logs. Space / permissions issue folks?


As such start menu is unresponsive but the desktop you can create icons off



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The logs do say that it created RW.vhd, so it can't be permissions.   For testing, try setting your registry as follows (you'll thank me on the flipflop line later, when you have hundreds of folders and they're all neatly lined up in alphabetical order).   Get rid of the rest for the moment, other than lines about sizing, especially the RW stuff.   Unless you really need users to be able to log into different machines at the same time with the same profile, it's unnecessary and adds a layer of complication and potential for corruption and increases storage requirements.


Enabled   DWORD  1

FlipFlopProfileDirectoryName    DWORD   1

VHDLocations    REG_SZ     \\acme.net\enterprise\services\FlexDesk\devProfs


Normally if it's permissions, it says as much in the log file about not being able to create the file.  Also I'm not sure if you need that #SamAccountName# in the path - is that there for a reason or can you just use devProfs as your share?

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