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Help with SNIP

Vivien Hii1709157861

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Hi there


I recently added a new SNIP for a new subnet on the netscaler and unable to ping the gateway after that.

ANy idea why?


So for example, before adding the snip i can ping (which i got told by networks this is the gateway for that new subnet)

After adding snip, i cant ping the gateway.


Before adding snip, the traceroute goes direct to with 1 hop - does that mean its directly connected?


Is there something else i need to configure on the netscaler?

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Hi Carl, I didnt because I wasnt sure if its required. 

Its a VPX

0/1 and LO/1 are bound to VLAN ID 1 and not bound to any IPs


Quick query - the reason why i need to add SNIP is because we ran out of Virtual IPs to allocate in the current subnet. SO network team created a new subnet for us.

From my understanding, we need to create new SNIP for this new subnet right?


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