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Change IP address of Citrix MAS

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Hi All,


We are changing the IP address of our Citrix ADM


It is on a different subnet and can not talk to our existing Citrix ADC.


Would this be a firewall issue or something more sinister  does the Citrix ADM need to be on the same Management SNIP as

the Citrix ADC?


We are checking our firewall rules now but if it needs to be on the same Management SNIP how do we do this?

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One: Citrix ADM connects to managed ADC's via the NSIP (and not snip).  So be sure the ADM can reach the NSIP of each managed ADC (and both members of the ha pair).

Two: Did you re-deploy the ADM integration so that all the managed ADC's see the new ADM NSIP in the snmp trap destinations/syslog destinations if enabled/and hdx insight if enabled.

If any of the ADM components are listed by name instead of IP on the ADC's, did you flush the dns cache so the new ip address is used by the managed netscalers?


But its possible either you do have a connectivity issue between the NSIP of the managed ADC's and the ADM's new ip address OR your managed adc's are still looking at the old ip address.


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