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CLI commands Content Switching

Sudhir Bhagat

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Hi All, 


Looking for a CLI commands for Content Switching virtual server and associated policy creation (some commands reference are not found while googling) , Assuming CLI will make work easy specially in case of Jumbo requirement.


CLI for below steps.


1- Server Creation for Service Group with traffic domain-2 , Eg: , (for service group with port 9001)   and , (for service group with port 9002).


2- CLI for Service groups Creation in Traffic domain-2 and add the above Servers into the Service Group with port 9001 and 9002 Eg : Service Group Name : SG_hello_9001    &    SG_hello_9002.


3- CLI for Creation of Normal Virtual Servers in traffic domain-2 under Traffic Management > Load Balancing > Virtual Servers  with IP and with LB method as Round-Robin . Eg : VS_hello_9001 & VS_hello_9002.


4- CLI for Mapping on Service Groups SG_hello_9001 and SG_hello_9002  with Normal Virtual Servers: VS_hello_9001 and VS_hello_9002 respectively.


5- CLI for Creation of Content Switching Virtual Server under Traffic Management > Content Switching > Virtual Servers with IP: with port 443.   Eg : CS_VS_hello


6- CLI for Creation of Content Switching Action & bind Normal Virtual Server i.e  VS_hello_9001 / VS_hello_9002 respectively. Eg: CS_Action_hello_9001  &  CS_Action_hello_9002.


7- CLI for Creation of Content switching Policy and map above created actions (CS_Action_hello_9001 / CS_Action_hello_9002 ) with the same along with Expressions. Eg : CS_Policy_hello_9001  &   CS_Policy_hello_9002.


8- Call above created content policy (Eg: CS_Policy_hello_9001 & CS_Policy_hello_9002) under Content Switching Virtual Server (CS_VS_hello) with priority setting for policies - CS_Policy_hello_9001  &   CS_Policy_hello_9002.




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And also show ns runningconfig | grep <cs vserver name> -i

show ns runningconfig | grep <cs policy name> -i


To get you started. If using the GUI and syslog (as Carl suggested) or the running config don't help you get started, we can probably mock up some settings later.


There are some cli examples in here (without service groups):  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/388808-content-switching-single-lb-for-multiple-phy-servers/

And here are some servicegroup examples:  https://discussions.citrix.com/topic/409222-data-groups/#comment-2066749



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