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PVS 1912 - Failover not working

Manuel Mueller


Hi, I have a strange behaviour. Any little idea is welcome: :)



  • 2 PVS servers (1912 LTSR)
  • OS: Win2016
  • 100 Target devices
  • MS HyperV 2019


Failover (Stop Stream service):

  • Server 1 > Server 2 -  not working, TD from Server 1 go down
  • Server 2 > Server 1 - working
  • Reboot Server 1 - Failover to server 2 does not happen

Rebalancing working - Server 2 excepting connections

Both PVS servers are on the same subnet and reachable from all target devices



  • Bootsrap config is correct
  • vDisk Load Balancing is active
  • Store settings with the 2 PVS servers
  • Disable Task Offload set on servers and TD


On target device: BNIStack error 158 ([MIoProcessIosReadTransaction] Invalid reconnection handle returned)


Many thanks.






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So the error is a little misleading you are still receiving IO packets while you are trying to reconnect.  If your targets never reconnect I would take a network trace from the target and server at the same time, since it is reproducible it would be great to get a clean network trace with the targets side set to debug logging.    So the bootstrap has both PVS servers in the bootstrap, is this using BIOS boot or UEFI.  I then would contact support.

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