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XenDesktop vGPU Options

Jason Nash1709151307


We will soon be refreshing the hardware that supports our current VMware cluster hosting XenDesktop VMs. Currently we do not have any vGPU acceleration. We have been running a small pilot with NVIDIA Grid and an M10 card. These are general use Win 10 desktops and we don't really have any applications such as high end CAD that require dedicated GPUs. We do have a small about of Adobe Creative Suite but we don't find that the current GRID pilot has a significant impact on this.


I am interested in others experiences. What are the current options available to us for GPU acceleration on XenDesktop. I cannot really see any options other than NVIDIA Grid and the M10 which is fairly dated now. I did see some marketing from AMD a while back on MxGPU but I cannot find much information on this. Are others adding GPU for general use VDI and if so which technology?

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