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ADC Management two factor authentication issues logging through GUI, ssh works fine

Praseed Parameswaran

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Setup two factor authentication for Netscaler ADC management 

1) Primary- Radius

2) Secondary - LDAPs

3) Login schema profile- singleauth.xml

4) Radius Policy system global bound with next factor configured to auth policy label

5) Authentication policy label bound to LDAPs servers


Set this up referring https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-adc/12-1/system/ns-ag-aa-intro-wrapper-con/two-factor-authentication.html


However after configuring , ssh works fine wth next factor auth/validation , however logging in through Mgmt GUI fails with an invalid user/password message after next factor authentication prompt presented and password keyed in.


Checking debug file shows when tried through GUI , only primary authentication logs are seen, no debug logs for next factor is seen ..


We are running Netscaler VPX build , any help or steer on this would be appreciated....


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