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Virtual Dekstop Site External/Internal Access

Mariano Gori


Hello All,


We currently have a VD 1909 farm that is only being accessed internally via Citrix Gateway. Now management wants to expose our farm externally, so what would be the best way to achieve this? Spin up a new gateway that points to new storefront servers with a new store? Or is it possible just to add another URL to the existing gateway/storefront for the external users?  Let me know if more information is required.

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Citrix Gateway is designed to expose Citrix farms to the Internet. You can use a new Citrix Gateway to expose the farm over the Internet or use the current Citrix Gateway with NATing of public IP ports to the Citrix Gateway's IP.

You can use a new Citrix Gateway configured with a public SSL certificate and NATting the ports of a dedicated public IP.

In this case it is possible to use the current Storefronts behind the new Citrix Gateway and possibly configure, if desired, a new Store dedicated to this access mode.

The Store can be configured to accept new connections from the new Citrix Gateway (a Store has the option of having many Citrix Gateways in front).




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