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Moving users from older version of Securemail to a newer version

John Francis1709160537


We have different administrators who created test, dev and prod version of Securemail and SecureHub with users in different apps and version. I want to consolidate everyone to a single latest version of Securemail, SecureHub, Quick Edit and SecureHub.


So, I would like to first move users from one version to the other and then I would like to update that to the latest version of the Apps. I know how to update the Apps to the current version. What will happen if I disable the older versions of the apps, will they be refreshed and move to the current version or anything else needs to be done, as I want to clean up the older versions of the apps and delete it.


For example some users are still on this version of Android App




and IOS




Windows Phone





I want to move them to the latest versions of Android, IOS and Windows phone device. So, how would I go about doing it?



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These apps are extremely old and unsupported.  All the Citrix apps are now delivered through public app store for iOS and Android.  There is no migration path available to you other than install latest MDX files from citrix.com and publish new apps.  Users will have to delete old app and install new app from Secure hub.  


Also Windows mobile OS is no longer supported either. 

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