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Netscaler Citrix ADC radius using microsoft network policy server 2019 as single authentication

Dany Demers

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Hi, we have succesfully configured the Microsoft NPS (Network Policy Server) with Azure MFA and it work great with other device in our business as a radius authentication server. I'm trying to setup the Netscaler to use the NPS for radius authentication but wihtout success. Did anyone ever succeded in doing so, I'm trying to configure it on a standard authentication vserver like I'm doing with RSA currently but all the documentation I can find refer to the old Netscaler 9.x in combination of windows server 2003 /2008 and since I'm using windows server 2019 and Netcaler version 13.0 nothing work. So if anyone ever succeded can you explain how you did it. I just need the part of the radius client from the NPS and the config to use on the Netscaler.


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