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What product code is needed for WIonNS

Tony Marler

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We have been using NetScaler 10.1 Express VPX which allowed access via the NetScaler using the built in Web Interface (WIonNS) to our XenApp farm. This access to published apps is the only functionality we need and only have a concurrent usage of around 50 clients. Express is no longer available. We downloaded Netscaler ADC 13.0 VPX Freemium which appeared to have the built in 'licence' for Web Interface however after installing Web Interface (using TAR files) when trying to configure the message appears indicating we need SSL VPN licence.


Although long term XenApp users (think WinFrame!) I admit to being confused by the various NetScaler, Citrix Gateway, Access Gateway and ADC offerings. We got a Platinum VPX 200 eval licence which worked (deployed on 10.5 NetScaler as a test) but clearly this is expensive and our Citrix contact gave us the impression 13.0 ADC Freemium would do what we want - I guess based on the data sheet showing it included Web Interface.


Am I doing something fundamently wrong with 13:0 or does the Web Interface actually require those SSL VPN licences?



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Hello Carl and thanks for the lighting fast response. So will that licence support unlimited (realistically only 50 tops) connections? Second question although it states VPN I am assuming I don't have to setup an actual VPN solution? What I want is for my customers, who are all external organisations around the country (UK),  to install the Citrix Workspace App and be able to login via the Netscaler/Web Interface and then run the ICA published app just as they could on 10.1 and indeed on Citrix Secure Gateway before that. 

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The Gateway vpn vserver is used in ICA Proxy mode (HDX Proxy).  Which allows secure remote external access to the ICA resources internally. (Replacing old Secure Gateway flow):

Flow for web access:  1) client to gateway (ssl), gateway to WI or Storefront (depending on version); Then storefront talks to xml brokers/controllers internally.

During launch (after ICA file is received, so I'm skipping the sta request process), flow is 1) client to gateway (HDX over SSL), gateway to ICA destination 2598/1494 (classic XA servers hosting apps/desktops; current environments VDA's hosting apps/desktops)


All external communication is to the gateway vpn vserver; but the client only requres a suitable citrix receiver/workspace app and no vpn client in ICA Proxy (HDX Proxy) mode.


You wouldn't want to deploy only the WIonNS for external access as all client to communication to internal resources is not secured....


The Gateway license in the platform licenses (either a Gateway license or a ADC Standard/ includes unlimited ICA basic mode licenses (based on capacity box can handle). For advanced ICA or vpn capabilities vpn ccu licenses might be needed.. but probably not in your case as stated.


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