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Best Method for Providing Persistent Virtual Desktops CVAD 1912

Jeff Rainey1709158303


I have been using MCS to deploy persistent Windows 10 desktop for development use.  The developers require desktops that persist changes on the system disk, outside of the user profiles.  Problem I have with this method is keeping the master image updated.  Once you create a machine catalog, and deploy a persistent image, then the master image chosen during the setup pretty much becomes unchangeable.  I understood that when I set this up, and figure I would just manage the deployed desktops with external patch management tools, and update software on a per device basis.  Where things start to get troublesome is when we add new developers, sometimes with new tool requirements.  If I add machines from the current master image, then I'm deploying that older image.  So I can either deploy the older image, and then go through the process of updating it before deploying to new users, or I have to create a new master catalog with the updated image.  This doesn't seem like the best way to provision persistent desktops, as I could conceivably end up with many machine catalogs.


I have no problem with non-persistent desktops, but those just don't meet our development requirements.


What I would like to know is if there is a better way to deploy a persistent virtual desktops in Citrix that are full copies.  I do not have access to any application virtualization technologies, and I do not think ELM will work well with the developer workloads.  It would also be nice for these desktops to be portable for DR purposes, although I know that can be very problematic with MCS/Storage.  With that said, are any of you out there successfully managing persistent desktops using Citrix MCS?  What about not using Citrix technologies to manage the machines?  I realize there are probably a lot of different ways to do this, I'm just looking for solutions that work best.

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MCS can deploy full clones. You can use SCCM or similar to push updates to the full clones.


As for the template, you can automate it by keeping the master image running and let SCCM deploy updates to the master image. Only shut down the master when you're using it to create new MCS machines. Or you can get fancy and periodically rebuild your masters by running an automated MDT job.

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