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App Delivery methods/Image Cloning Methods

Sukhwant Singh1709160818


Hi All,

We are in the midst of building out a new infrastructure environment to merge 2 different companies. Company A uses MCS for its base image management and Company B uses PVS.

Is there a newer method which is a bit more flexible/reliable then these? What are some things we should look at when looking to future proof the new CTX environment?


Any suggestions/tips would be helpful!

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Transparency and history. Everything added or changed in the Golden Image and eventually the VHDX, is documented via MDT/SCCM task sequence.


Way too many times I have seen lack of documentation of what's been changed in one or more versions. If you find yourself in a situation where you need to recreate the VHDX, it is really handy with an automated way of getting there, instead of guessing because of lack o documentation.

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In larger environments I like to automate management of the master images. SCCM is one option for automating deployment of patches to master images. You can use MDT to fully automate rebuilding the master images. Once the master images are built and updated, it's very easy to write scripts to push them to either MCS or PVS.

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12 minutes ago, Kasper Johansen1709159522 said:

Create a Golden Image via MDT and convert it to VHDX and then import that VHDX in PVS. Many of my customers are using that solution.

It provides that same flexibility as versioning, as you would have both the previous and new VHDX available, so if anything is off in the new VHDX, you can always roll back to the previous VHDX.

Got it! Makes sense. If it provides the same flexibility as versioning within PVS console, what ultimately would make one decide SCCM/MDT over Versioning? 

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