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How do I check if existing Citrix XenDesktop/XenApp have what kinds of component?

Dexter Tan1709162262


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5 minutes ago, Dexter Tan1709162262 said:

Hi Anjani,

Thanks for the response,

By chance do you have an sample output that i can refer to?

Best Regards
Kian Soon

Hi ,

Below is the snippet of Xendesktop Installation log , you can check for the same in your Citrix DDC machine to see more details




Please upvote the answer if it helped you .



Anjani Bhiravabhatla

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Citrix Studio > Catalogs will show you the type of VDA machines.


Login to a non-persistent VDA and look in the system tray (notification area) for a PVS tray icon. Opening it will give you the address of one of the PVS servers. You can also watch the console of a non-persistent VDA while it is rebooting to see if it is booting from PVS or not.


For Director, I don't think it's possible to find the Director server by looking in Studio or VDA. You can easily install Directory on any IIS machine and point it to any Delivery Controller.


These scripts might be helpful - https://carlwebster.com/downloads/

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Hi Carl,

Thanks! will take note of it.

Another issue I just realised today is that in terms of the backing up of the full citrix XenDesktop/XenApp environment, Do I just need to backup the database?
If not how do i do a full backup? anyway links or document whereby i can reference to it? As citrix documentation is kind of like quite limited unless there is a account to the portal with suscription. (this is what my current company lack of) as we are managing it the environment as a third party

Would be glad if you can advice on this


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