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See different configuration in GUI and CLI

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Simply: I see different running configuration in web GUI, what I see it in CLI. I see difference in authentication policies for Citrix Gateway virtual server. The configuration in CLI shows correctly what I configured some time ago via GUI. The configuration in web GUI contains additional LDAP and Radius policies for secondary authentication, which I did not configured - see pictures.

No issue is reported by end users till now. It is possible that it could happen after firmware upgrade (within the same version 13.0, upgraded to higher build - from 47.24 to 61.48) - though not 100% sure.

The ADCs are MPXs and in HA mode.


So question is if any of you experience such behavior? Would anyone have some suggestion how to fix it in GUI?


I red that it happened while admins upgraded firmware after they applied custom themes,. We are using our own theme, but very slightly customized and everything via GUI. It is based on X1 and all we changed are just some colors, changed label names for password 2 and added background image and center logo. Because of everything what we changed was in standard way, so I expect, nothing which should cause such GUI behavior.


Thanks for all the suggestions.



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