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WEM - EUC Customisation - Cusom Start Menu

Gary Sherry1709156958


I have a VAVD 1909 Environment running WEM 1909, I've imported the James Rankin WEM Hydration Kit to make the customisation easier for the New Windows 2019 Server environment that I'm building (thanks for the Kit James) and have setup all the applications and have them appearing on the Start Button but want to use a Custom Start Menu (Tiles) so group the apps together and provide a consistent view that similar to the Windows 2012 environment that's being replaced. I did look at getting WEM to create the Start MEnu but couldn't see how to specify the location that apps appear in so switched back to creating a Customer StartLayout.XML File.

I follow the standard process of creating the Start Menu Layout and then used the Export- Start PowerSHhell to create the XML and then created a Reg Entry to set the Start Menu for the user. Having Checked the Users Reg Keys I can see that the Start Menu is being set but its not appearing. Just looking to save some time getting to the answer so any help appreciated.





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StartMenu Layouts are fun - have a read through the posts here we put together a while back 




The hydration kit should help a little with some basics, but lots in there hat may change across OS versions etc :) 

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