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Using Netscaler for oubound email "warm up"

Ross Bender

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My organization is looking to create new public IP addresses that would be used to send outbound email from our environment. The complexity we're facing is being able to "warm up" email being sent through the new IPs so that email service providers don't treat them as spam. I'm wondering if anyone has faced this problem before and if there is any way to help solve the problem using the Netscalers.


Is there any way to create SMTP-based policies to help with load balancing? What I am envision is being able to use a combination of destination email address (recipient) along with weighted load balancing on the Netscaler to try and accomplish some warm up period. We do some internal load balancing of SMTP traffic, but it is only TCP based; it doesn't look like there is SMTP ability within the policy expression language.


I'd be happy to hear any thoughts or ideas. Thank you!

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