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WEM - EUC Customisation - File Explore and Network Locations

Gary Sherry1709156958


I have a VAVD 1909 Environment running WEM 1909, I have started looking at the End User Customisation using WEM rather than GPO's. I had used the WEM GPO Policy import proces to convert my original Windows 2012 Server Lock down Settings and imported the James Rankin WEM Hydration Kit to make the customisation easier for the New Windows 2019 Server environment that I'm building. 

When I open File Explorer on the 1st connection to the Test Server (Profile Creation) I see my network drives vut on subsequent logons the Network Locations aren't shown. I removed all GPO to WEM Customsations that were created and remove the user profile but the same issue occurs. I removed the Hide Network Icon and Connections from the Policies and Profiles (Desktop and Windows Explorer) but still the Nework Drives aren't listed.

I can if I type the Mapped Drive letter reach each drive but I know the users will want to be able to see the options so can't figure out what I've done wrong. Have also used WEM RSOP and 
I can see the Hide Network Drives isn't set so any suggestions ?






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It was with a value on 31 (A-E) so I removed it and the drive appeared but then disappeared again. After viewing the other WEM Environment Settings there was one I think that I'd pulled in from the WEEM Hydration Kit "Environmental Hide My Computer Icon" that effective meant it didn't appear in Explorer Quick Launch and therefore the drives couldn't be seen once I removed that it was visable. 

Note to self dont bang all the Reg Keys in 1 go (Doh!) should know better but at least all sorted now 

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Yes and it certainly saves some time in adding standard settings rather than manually inputting them all, so thanks for taking the time and effort to create it. 


I've read your articles on WEM (very helpful) and in one you talk about leaving the MS Office Settings in a GPO rather than adding via WEM. I've setup a few test MS Office App Reg Keys around Trusted Locations. Due to having to setup for each App and the Multiple Keys I can see why its easier to leave in a GPO and that's before you consider the processing time for adding the keys I guess.

We have a lot of end user customisation that unfortunately has to be injected via Reg Keys so have a bit of a hit on that already, so the 28 additional keys for the Office Apps isn't a huge difference. We do a lot of the Office Customisation via the install and aren't looking to increase the no of keys so is there a big hit time wise with the 28 keys?  

The Runonce Check box potentially limits the impact if used but we've set the refresh when change so they only run on initial sign-on I presume.

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