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WEM - EUC Customisation - Registry Key to Change Power Button Settings

Gary Sherry1709156958


I have a VAVD 1909 Environment running WEM 1909 and I have already setup the System Optimisation and Applications and have started looking at the 
End User Customisation using WEM rather than GPO's. I have created a Reg Setting to change the behaviour of the Power Button on a Windows 2019 Server
that's providing VA Desktops and associated the Reg Key with Everyone via assignments that's linked to the Configuration Set associated with the Servers. 

After checking WEM RSOP I can see the Action is being applied but the Power is still showing the Disconnect Option so I wasn't sure if this was by design as its a Citrix/RDS Server 
or if I've configured something incorrectly. Couldn't really see any posts on a similar issue so have posted myself.



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