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Where is the NS-MIB-smiv2.mib file? Netscaler CPX version 13?

Jim Tsetsos

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Hi All,


Where can I download NS-MIB-smiv2.mib  for NS 13 from? It doesn't exist in the container??


root@90aa6480c7cf:/# cd /
root@90aa6480c7cf:/# /var/netscaler/bins/cli_script.sh "show info"
exec: show info
    Version:  "NetScaler NS13.0: Build 36.29.nc, Date: Jun  3 2019, 13:43:59   (64-bit)"Mode:  0                
    NetScaler IP:  (mask:
    Number of MappedIP(s): 0
    Node: Standalone
                       System Time: Mon Sep  7 03:56:17 2020
          Last Config Changed Time: Mon Sep  7 03:36:31 2020
    Config Changed since Last Saved Config: TRUE

root@90aa6480c7cf:/# find . -name *.mib


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