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Chrome web page shortcut

Mohamed Abdelaal1709162259


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so you want the equivalent of Internet Explorer Kiosk mode but with Chrome for your application?

Also, do you want to publish just the content, and run it from your local browser?  or do you want Chrome to run in your CVAD session?

Can you do this on your local PC? i.e. run your Chrome shortcut without the navigation bar, buttons, etc? If yes, then just publish the content with the same URL as if you were running it locally. You will need to use PowerShell to publish content, not the Studio GUI. Also, ensure that the detail browser on the client device is Chrome not IE/Edge


see here for content publishing https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/xenapp-and-xendesktop/7-15-ltsr/install-configure/publish-content.html


If you can't do it locally on your PC, there's a good chance you can't do it via Citrix either...




Ken Z

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missed out the URL for content publishing
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