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UPM Profile Creation Issues 1912 LTSR

Chris Menuey


I've been tasked with setting up a new pool of MCS VDI's for our company. I can get the VDI published and I'm able to login, but I'm stuck trying to get UPM working correctly. We have this working in a current production environment, but the new one just won't go. I follow the following guide: https://www.carlstalhood.com/citrix-profile-management/ and have success in all steps, but once I try to login to the VDA, I end up logging into a desktop where the only items in the UI are accessible are the Recycle Bin, and the task tray. When I login as a domain admin the profile management still fails to create the profile, however, it will at least revert to using a local profile and I have full use of the VDA machine.


Citrix_Setup_Walkthough.txt - Describes the steps I took to prep the VDA and the mandatory profile

General_User_Login_Log.txt - Log file that begins with the login of a user account domain.user , the real account name is masked

Domain_Admin_Login_Log.txt - Another log file for the login of a domain admin. This login is at least able to recover and has full UI using a local profile it reverts to, account also masked

gpreport.xml - Export of the GPO setttings applied, domain specific info masked as DOMAIN.local


Any help is appreciated. Also to note, our current production environment isn't using the mandatory profile setup as outlined in the guide. I don't know how our template system was originally setup, previous admin left a year ago.

gpreport.xml Domain_Admin_Login_Log.txt General_User_Login_Log.txt Citrix_Setup_Walkthrough.txt

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