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DDoS Protection / PEN Testing

Ken Z

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Hi Everyone


One of my customers has had a PEN test of their systems and the NetScaler failed one of the tests... the testers said it was susceptible to the slowloris attack. The NetScaler is running the latest v13 build.

That got me thinking... i don't normally configure any specific DDoS protection on the NetScaler Gateway, but was wondering what generic policies/settings users normally apply to their Gateways?

Also, the HTTP DoS Protection is now deprecated and Citrix recommends that you use AppQoE instead - https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/netscaler/12/security/http-denial-of-service-protection.html#:~:text=HTTP Denial of Service Protection,recommends you to use AppQoE.


Do people want to share their AppQoE policies/actions here so we can all maximise the protection on our gateways?




Ken Z

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