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VM_BAD_POWER_STATE error when creating Machine Catalog

Tom Mitchell


Hi All,


Been making images with MCS for years and never had an issue but today I can't create a machine calalog. I get the attached error which seems to be power related. This is using the same master image I've always used, just with the latest software updates. It's a Windows 10 x64 image.


The snapshot is copied, and then it fails. The important part of the error seems to be: Failure in CreateVM, VM_BAD_POWER_STATE, No suspend_VDI should be provided if VM created in `Halted state


But I've done nothing different. The machine is shut down before the snapshot is taken as I have always done. I've tried a Shift Shutdown in Windows as well just in case. I've searched for this error, but not found much of any use.


I'm using XenDesktop 7.11 and latest version of XCP-ng as the hypervisor.


The VM master is in Bios mode rather than UEFI.


Anyone got any idea what this error means?


Thank you. Full error attached.






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