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Dual monitors - a lot of problems

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Hi, I am using a Mac (latest version) with Citrix Workspace (latest version) with dual monitors and nothing works.


1. If I span it across the two monitors I see the mirrored. I do NOT want this

2. Even if the Citrix window is on a single monitor, I click somewhere and it actually clicks in another point (really? Can't you do some basic maths?)

3. Spanning it to both monitors does not work in any way - I selected and deselected "Displays have different spaces", I selected and deselected Citrix option to span across all monitors, I tried to move the window through both monitors, change resolutions to Mac display and monitor - actually reading all problems from this forum and other places - nothing works


How can I actually use this thing properly? Does it work? At least tell me that it does not work and I will find another solution (not Citrix). 

Thank you!

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1. Mirroring : Please refer to the apple support page below on how to change it. 
2. Mouse click offset : This is a bug but has a workaround that may unblock you.

  •  On your macOS ->Settings->Displays->Arrangement, you will see a representation of your 2 monitors as rectangles. Drag one or  both large rectangles(representations of monitors) to align with each other horizontally on their lower edge.
  • The rectangle with the narrow white rectangle atop it is considered your primary monitor.  Ensure your primary monitor is on the left in this representation.. 

 Let us know if you still face problem 3 after the steps above.

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I will try, thanks a lot! The monitor was not set in mirror mode, I have no idea why on Citrix I see it mirrored. Well, actually is more than this: I see it mirrored but I cannot click on both of the monitors (not sure if this was supposed to happen but makes sense for me). 

I will check resolutions but they cannot be set to the exact same resolution, hoping something similar would at least partially work. 


I also have issues with sound, same setup, Citrix + Windows.

1. If I used Mac's microphone and speakers - everyone in a call will hear me with an echo

2. If I use AirPods on Mac, I can barely hear anything (not AirPod problem, happens only on Citrix) and they cannot hear me (correct input/output devices set in Mac)


Is there any plan to actually support properly Mac systems for this Citrix thing? It looks like it has tons of problems.

Does it work OK at least on Windows? 

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