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FSLOGIX Application masking rules ignored

John Litster


I created and published a desktop.    

(apps 7 2003)   

i have fslogix installed (2.9.7349.30108)

I have a handfull of rules set....simple rules, just application masking.

For example.....   I have a shortcut on the public desktop   (C:\Users\Public\Desktop)

I have a rule saying that it APPLIES to the EVERYONE group, does NOT apply if you are in a certain AD security group.

when ANYBODY logs into the machine, the shortcut is NOT hidden, it is still fully functional.    I start up the rules editor on the published desktop,  i run AD Reporting in the RuleEditor, put in the user name, and it says the rule should be applied.....yet it's still showing to the user.


i go to the log file    %ProgramData%\FSLogix\Logs\RuleEditor     it says it is checking file:   name of rule.fxac    ignoring file: rule name.fac   (same for .fxc)

I have stopped and started the service.


Any ideas?



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OK...I think i found the issue.  

All the rule files has a .fxac file extention and a .fxc extention

apparently, at some point, file extentiones changed.     

WHen i open the rules editor, i can read all the rules etc just fine....

what i did was i deleted a rule and remade it.........that is when i noticed the file extentions are now .fxa and .fxr


I went back to the 'parent' machine and looked at   C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules   and all the files were the correct extentions.

copied them to the published machine....  and poof...all is working as it should now.


I am going to re-update the machine catalog and see what happens.

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Well......that didn't work.

After updating the master image, then updating the delivery group....  i had a user sign in again.

rules still did not apply.

I looked in the C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules and C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\CompiledRules directories.....

they are both empty.....   they are not empty on the master image.

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same problem..

LTS1912 CU3, MCS, Multiuser OS MS Server 2016



If i install Fslogix and Create a rule and test it with the program button ( chckbox "aply rule to System"), the rule works fine.

Than i copy the file to the program directory ( C:\Program Files\FSLogix\Apps\Rules)  an the masking dont work. 

Any ideas?

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Check the actual .fxa and .fxr files by opening them in notepad to verify there is content in there.


I believe there's a bug with the Rules editor when making MANUAL entries in the editor to do things like hide start menu items.  

You MUST save them manually to get created.  When creating rules by scanning, the rules will save correctly automatically in most cases.  


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