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MCS Deployment with GPU on specific Host

Lukas Meyer1709162272



Following Situation:

Host A: with Nvidia Tesla M10

Host B: without GPU

1 Master-Image with mapped vGPU, no license mapped

1 VMware Cluster configured for this 2 hosts

Created Rules to start ctx01-02 on Host B (Testmachines)

Created Rules to start ctx03-06 on Host A (Prod)

Created 2 Hosting-Ressources for Prod and Test

no DRS tuned on


On creating Machine catalog everything works well, also sometimes updating the machines with new image version. But occasionally there is the message, that no compatible host was avaiable after updating the catalog. 


Is it possible to define on which host the machines should be deployed on updating without defining 2 clusters in VMware VCenter?


If I have to define 2 clusters, I need 2 base-images, or have to move the image when deploying on the other cluster (between test and prod)


Thanks for help


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