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NS IP documentation issue

it-netscaler Tom

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If you search for "Default value: 5" on this page you get 4 result with documentation issues.






Default value: 5


Also is this the right place to report this kind of issue ?

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1) I believe what you are saying is that for the "arpresponse" parameter it is listing the default value as 5 instead of NONE, ONE_VSERVER, ALL_VSERVERS,VSVR_CNTRLD as expected (correct?)  So the Default Value is not listing for a number of references the default value.


2)  Now for where to report... usually for kb articles and admin guides there is a link you can use, but it doesn't show up in the command references when inside the docs.

So, while the forums might work for that it's not always seen (but sometimes you'll get a response),

I (though I'm not an employee), would go to the docs.citrix.com page (for the admin guides) and use the "send us your feedback" link at bottom of page.   Here you can then provide info about the source url, the issue, and note that there was no obvious way to log the issue on the developer-docs.citrix.com site.

This will get to the docs team and they can usually figure out where to route this internally.  


3) if you need to see the value, use the man set ns ip command from CLI to see if it lists the proper default value. If not, then product bug as the command references are supposed to be pulled from the man pages.



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