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Packaging an Application for use in XenApp

J Yao




We developed a Windows desktop application and we've been as asked by a prospective client whether our program can be converted into a XenApp. I have no experience with Citrix so I've been going though documentations and as far as I understand, the application would only have to be installed to a master image to be usable as a virtual app.


Is there any concept of packaging a desktop program for use in XenApp? Any directions or guidance would be much appreciated.




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There are at least two main considerations for XenApp:


Multi-user - Can the app run multiple instances for different users on the same machine? https://www.carlstalhood.com/published-applications/#rdshapps


Non-persistent - does the app have any machines-specific configuration? Many IT agents (e.g. antivirus) are machine-specific. There needs to be a way to clear the machine-specific config and regenerate it once the master image is cloned.

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Thanks for the references!


I have another question, in https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-virtual-apps-desktops/install-configure/machine-catalogs-create.html, it states the following under "Prepare a master image".



Third-party applications that you are not virtualizing. Citrix recommends virtualizing applications. Virtualizing reduces costs by eliminating having to update the master image after adding or reconfiguring an application. Also, fewer installed applications reduce the size of the master image hard disks, which saves storage costs.


Aren't apps supposed to be installed in the master image to virtualize them? This is what I understood in https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-managed-desktops/master-images.html, under "Ways to use images". Or is this merely differentiating a master image from a non-master image?



Use a Citrix-managed image to create another image. After the new image created, you customize it by adding applications and other software that your users need. Then, you use that customized image when creating a catalog.



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