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Switching between published apps is slower on Windows 10

Nino Nikolic


Hello there,


I work for a company where the majority of users use Thin Clients, Citrix Receiver (4.9.9) and Citrix XenApps (7.15 CU6) in a seamless configuration.

I only came in about 2 years ago, when Windows 7 Enterprise was still in the norm, but now as it's effectively EOL I've been tasked to upgrade the Thin Clients to Windows 10 IoT (ver. 1607 - LTSB).

The Thin Clients aren't that old (HP T630 with 4 GB of RAM) and currently work like a dream with Windows 7 running on them.

Users logon to them, Citrix profile management copies over all the files for the start menu to work (shortcuts for all the published apps) and as such the users don't interact with Citrix StoreFront/self service center unless they need to favorite an app so it appears in their start menu.


Now as I said, working with published apps on Windows 7 is a dream. The seamless configuration makes it seem like the apps are running locally and switching between the windows is snappy and quick.


Now my problem comes with working with Windows 10. I've spent a good few months trying to optimize the final image that we're going to use on all the Thin Clients. As I was on the finishing stretch it was time to push the image to a few users to see if there are any issues I've missed.

The primary issue right now, is that switching between programs with the taskbar takes 1-5 seconds for the selected window to gain focus.

And this issue isn't even a constant as well. Sometimes the window gains focus as soon as you click on it, but most of the time it take said 1-5 seconds for it to actually appear.

It's most prevalent when users open about 10 or more emails and try switching between them.

I've also tried Workspace 1912, but sadly the issue persists.


This post is probably missing a bunch of key information (sadly I do not had direct access to the Citrix backend), so if anyone is willing to lend a hand I'd be glad to get more info.

Thanks in advance.

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