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Front End Optimization - Minify Javascript not working?

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Hi, has anyone any experience of using the 'Minify' feature in Front End Optimization?


If i create a FEO Action and bind it to a basic vServer representing a webpage some comments are removed but not all.

<!-- comment -->  is removed


// comment is not removed

/* comment */ is not removed even though they are both enclosed in <script></script>


Something like:

add feo action FEO-Comments 1 -cssMinify -jsMinify -htmlMinify
add feo policy FEO-Comments_Pol true FEO-Comments
bind lb vserver LBvSvr_BasicWebsite -policyName FEO-Comments_Pol -priority 100 -gotoPriorityExpression END -type REQUEST

Will produce a before and after as per the attached picture.


Is there a limitation of the feature or has anyone used an alternative to remove non-html comments?


Thanks very much!



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