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Application Group question

Luan Swanepoel


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We publish quite a few different apps for our users.  I find it easier to manage access using application groups to comply with software licensing. 

Example:  Some of our users require Acrobat Pro and the rest get Acrobat Standard.  The app servers running Office 2016 are in multiple delivery groups and machine catalogs. 

My Acrobat Pro application group points to the Office app servers, but will only use the servers that have “Acrobat Pro” tags.  Users are the ones in the ADUC security group “Acrobat Pro” 

The other Office app servers have “Acrobat Standard” tags and a different ADUC group gives them access to that group of Office servers that have Acrobat Std installed. 

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There are several use cases, depending on your overall configuration. 

I happen to be using them to have users connect to preferred servers, but able to connect to other servers if their primary is unavailable for some reason. 

This is done by only allowing certain groups access to the Application Group with the higher priority and having a secondary group with a lower priority and each application group has different machines associated with them via tags. 

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