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Heartbeats not seen on LA port channel on Cisco Nexus 6k

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I have an issue with heartbeats only being seen on the 0/1 interface and not the LA/3 interface.


I have the 0/1 interface connected for mgmt and 10/1 and 10/2 interfaces in the LA/3 channel.


I have read through every article online of how to possibly rectify this to no avail.


Current config is..

Nsvlan unmodified - still vlan 1

LA/3 is set to tagall

0/1 and LA/3 are setup to send heartbeats and hamon is on

Vlan 16 is on each Vpx and is bound to LA/3 untagged, and is also bound to a snip in that range

Vlan 1 is only bound to 0/1

Vlan 16 is in the trunk allowed vlan list on the Nexus, and has also been set as the native vlan on the port channel/interfaces on the Nexus switches. It is also trunked between the two Sdxs (Each sdx is on a different Nexus). Each Nexus has been setup the same with regards to allowed vlans on the trunk and native vlan set to 16

On each Sdx, I am allowing all vlans to each Vpx.


A packet capture on each vpx shows the heartbeats are ONLY being sent out 0/1, they never leave out of interface #6 which is the LA channel.


We are currently changing to a new data center. Apparently these load balancers have had this issue for a while with heartbeats only being seen on the 0/1 interface, but I guess it was not given too much attention because each 0/1 interface was plugged into a different switch. In our new data center the 0/1 interfaces are going to be on the same switch, so with only seeing heartbeats on the mgmt interfaces if we ever lose the mgmt switch we will be in a split brain situation.


Any help is appreciated.

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