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How to change machine catalog AWS instance type of MCS provisioning

George JIAO


We have machine catalog "Cat1" with MCS provisioning on AWs & "Service Offering = M4 Large Instance". This machine catalog has machines like "Machine1"

"get-provscheme  Cat1" shows  serviceoffering = "M4 Large Instance.serviceoffering"

We want to change this machine catalog  "Service offering = M4 Double Extra Large Instance"


Can someone please advice how to do it? I cannot see any GUI method in Citrix studio.

I tried to run "Set-provscheme Cat1 -serviceoffering 'new instance type'"  - but dont know the syntax.

Even if I changed the provscheme, will "Update catalog" will change the existing machine into new instance type?





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This can be done using the PowerShell SDK:



$instance = Get-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeName "[Name of the provisioning scheme to be altered]" Set-ProvScheme -ProvisioningSchemeUid $instance.ProvisioningSchemeUid.Guid -ServiceOffering "XDHyp:\HostingUnits\[HOSTING Unit]\M4 Extra Large Instance.serviceoffering"


The bits you need to identify are:

[Name of the provisioning scheme to be altered] you can run Get-ProvScheme | Select ProvisioningSchemeName to list all the schemes and choose the one you need to alter.

[HOSTING Unit] Get-ProvScheme | select MasterImageVM you need to truncate off the image name and use the hypervisor 

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