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Deleting Remote Storage

Arief Dharmawan


Hi All,


I have couple of questions about deleting remote Xen Storage attach to Nimble SAN. I have moved all VDIs that are attached to the VMs. I could not see any Disks listed in the Storage tab of the Storage. However, in General tab, the Size is showing 100.2 GB used of 2048 GB total (200 GB allocated).


So I did run "xe sr-list name-label=<Nimble-Storage-6> params=all". I got 6 VDI-UUID listed and 5 PBD-UUID listed. So, about the VDI listed, I ran "xe vbd-list vdi-uuid=<6-UUID-listed> params=vm-name-label". It did not return anything. So I believe that these 6 VDIs are orphan. 


My questions are:


  1. Is it safe to destroy this storage and delete the iSCSI volume in Nimble? 
  2. If it is not safe to destroy this storage, or if I miss any pre-checks before destroying the storage, please let me know the right procedures to destroy the XenServer Storage.
  3. I don't think I need to do anything about the PBD. Please confirm if this is not the case, and I need to do something about this?


Thank you for your responses, greatly appreciate it. 

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I never do destroys. I always just do forgets and that way I can just reconnect 

if I ever forget/miss something.  Only when space becomes and issue do I 

remove old LUNs. There is danger in accidentally removing the wrong one.

NFS/CIFS exports/shares are easier in this regard.




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If you forget the SR, the PBD should go away in the process.  You may need to delete the storage allocation on your Nimble unit in order to reclaim space on your storage device. IMO then there's no need to keep any old, unused SR around. I do favor doing a forget at least first before a destroy just to make sure you have identified the correct SR to delete.


If there VDIs have no parent VBDs identified with them, they are likely orphans.



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