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Windows 10 Feature Updates Best Practices

Mariano Gori


Hello All,


Is there any best practices articles from Citrix when it comes deploying Windows 10 Feature updates? Currently we are running Win10 1809 and are looking to upgrade to 1909,  so what is the best way of doing this? Is it to create a new OS layer with 1909 and essentially recreate every layer? ( I hope not) or do we create a new version of the existing OS layer and update to 1909 on that particular version? Is there any downside to having multiple version branches within the same OS later? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.



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17 minutes ago, Rob Zylowski1709158051 said:

You Add a version to the OS layer then run the update.  I usually use an ISO its the easiest way.  Dont run the cleanup we do that after copying what we need from the old windows folder,


Thanks Rob, much appreciated. Which cleanup are you referencing too? Is there any article from Citrix about this?

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