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Best Practice of Upgrading VPX

Onur Demir

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Hello Knowledge Seekers,


We have many VPX that contain different software.  We want to upgrade them to  NS11.1: Build 64.14.nc version.


What is the best practice of doing that?

Can I upgrade a netscaler appliance directly from release 52.13 to 64.14, or should I upgrade to 55.13 first and then to 56.19 and continue to reach 64.14 ?


Upgrading inside NS11.1 does not seem like causing any problem but, do you have any suggestions ? 


P.C. Those are the software versions that our VPX have;  


NS11.1: Build 52.13.nc / NS11.1: Build 55.13.nc / NS11.1: Build 56.19.nc / NS11.1: Build 63.9.nc / NS11.1: Build 63.15.nc      



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You should be able to upgrade directly from build 52.13 to 64.14.

Of course, you should back up your config, SSL certificates, and license files before the upgrade.

If you have an HA pair (you should), then upgrade the secondary first, and then fail-over and test.

If you have any issues, then you can easily fail-back.

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Carl, you recommend latest build of 12.1 rather than 13. Are there issues with 13 that we should be aware of? I am in the process of building new ADCs to replace 12.1 (mainly because I need to replace all of the classic policies with Advanced Policies and the risk of downtime when I screw up some policy is too great for my taste.) 


Thanks in advance.

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