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[1912 LTSR CU1] The administrator's task was completed correctly, but the status of the studio was a Failed.

Ilya Teterin1709161970


Greetings to all.

I noticed that the result of the powershell cmdlets is displayed in the studio as a feild. However, the action is successfully performed without errors.

Please tell me if anyone has encountered this or a similar problem? Something I don’t really want to mess with the case, but I feel, I can’t do without it ..


The event in the Delivery Controllers (Studio) logs has the Failed status:



At the same time, the logs on VmWare vSphere show that the operation was successful:



As in the script logs:



The entire script is attached. Here is the line executed by the script:



Vrsion SDK: Citrix Broker Service (x64) 7.24.1000.13

Revision {B1FB2013-C45F-45D3-A910-237F10190CC1}

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