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Netscaler and VXLAN

Patrik Holmberg

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Anyone who can help me with some questions

I have a VMWare solution with NSX and VXLAN.

Now i try to use a Netscaler VPX 13.0 to connect to a Edge or another Netscaler for test and i use VXLAN.


I try the document here



But i not understand everything in the example.


between two Netcalers. Can i use this of two sites and use VXLAN. I think about routers and so on the internet?

And if i can do that should i use 2 interface in both side one for VXLAN interfase on the external side and one in the network internal?

And if that did i must use different i in the internal network for the NS if the internal network is on both sides?


I don't now this for now. i am a new on the VXLAN but i need to use it if Netscaler can do this to an NSX Edge vTep ina VMWare system.


And second. Can i do this to an VMWare NSX?



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