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Microsoft Intune / EMS Integration

Andreas Dahm


Hi everybody,


I need to integrate Microsoft Intune / EMS to Endpoint Management for a customer. I'm following this documentation https://docs.citrix.com/en-us/citrix-endpoint-management/integration-intune-ems.html. According to this documentation I should have the options "Federate Administrator Identity to Azure Directory" and "Micro VPN" in the CEM Site Management. This options are missing in my customers account.


I managed to connect Endpoint Management to Azure AD and authenticate to Endpoint Management with a Intune Admin Azure Account, but now I'm stuck at the missing options. Is there anything I forgot? 

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I got a call from Citrix yesterday. I was told that the Intune / EMS Integration is a feature that has to be specially activated by Citrix. This is usually done during Endpoint Management Kickoff Meeting if you require it. It also can be enabled afterwards by the Citrix Guys. Should be better documented.

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Hi Andreas,
Have you completed the integration by now? Citrix has activated the feature for us so that we can continue.
What I can't quite find yet is how to configure an existing NetScaler. 
The script to download under the MicroVPN setup creates a new Gateway etc, but I already have an existing MAM gateway. How did you do that part of the configuration?
Do you have any tips for that? Thank you in advance!!

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