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ADC 12.1 (57.18.nc) TLS 1.3 fails to enable when using SSL profiles

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Having a strange reproducible issue with ADC 12.1 (57.18.nc). When just using an SSL profile where TLS 1.2 and TLS 1.3 are enabled I am getting handshake issues on all browsers where TLS 1.3 is being used. When I now unassign the profile from the vServer and then explicitly tick on TLS 1.3 (click Done), re-enter the vServer and assign the SSL Profile again, it suddenly works. When I issue "show ssl vserver" before and after this action it shows zero difference. 


To reproduce I just unassign the profile so I can edit the indivudal settings again and then tick off TLS 1.3 assign profile and it's broken again. If I just untick TLS 1.3 in the profile it also works.


P.S.: The problem here is, that I now have profiles to prevent editing settings directly and keep them consistent and now that we are at a point where we want to enable TLS 1.3 for all vServers we again see it will basically break all vServers and cause Prio1 issue if I don't play around using the above (with an additional copy of the ssl profile and with each individual vServer) - which is very disappointing.



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