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How to make Citrix studio to register newly cloned AWS instance

George JIAO


I have a domain\computer1 in "Machine catalog-A". I shut it down.  And I made an AWS AMI from this computer. Then I launched a new instance from the AMI.

The new instance ran OK (of course with new instance ID, new name tag, and new IP).  I can RDP to the new IP and verified it is same computer (Computer1 in active directory).

However the Citrix studio show this computer as (powerstate off and unregistered with red ! ).  I understand that Citrix studio communicating with the machine via hosting/hypervisor. And it is still trying to connect the original "Instance ID" which is still "stopped".

So can I change the Computer1's association with Machine catalog-A with "new Instance ID"?



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Thanks Carl.  I was trying to use command  Set-BrokerMachine -machinename "domain\computer1" -HostedMachineId "new-instanceID"  but failed as "not support".

Manual Catalog means when I choose "create machine catalog" with "Another service or technology" which I can pick up the VMs directly from the Hosting/hypervisor. Correct?


Though my purpose was to replace the machine "domain\computer1" with newly cloned instance - in the existing machine catalog. Thank you.

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