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Win10 MCS Machines with different RAM size



have a question

we have some engineers that use 2 different Software packages for 3D model simmulations

one group uses mostly softwareA, the other ones SoftwareB. all other software is the same.

SoftwareA users need a part of SoftwareB and also the other way around.

SoftwareA ist very RAM intensive (32-64GB RAM usage while making calculations) while the SoftwareB group of Users gets along with 16GB


can i have only 1 Machine catalog created with MCS where users always get the same VM with non-persistent user data setting and somehow create machins with different RAM size?

my idea was to create machines with 16GB RAM, shut down some of them and alocate 64GB to them and power up again. and assign those 64GB ones to right users.


will this setting persist when the Catalog gets updated and machines recreated?

or is manuall tinkering like this in general a bad idea?

is it better to create 2 Machine Catalogs with different RAM settings, but machines get created from the same snapshot? i don´t want to manage 2 different master images for this


we use 1912 CU1


vSphere 6.7



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You can use the same master for multiple Catalogs.


When creating a Catalog, there's an option for static assignment and discard changes on logoff.


If you adjust memory manually, it should stick.


You can combine multiple Catalogs into a single Delivery Group and use machine tags to have different icons for different machines. Or you can create separate Delivery Groups.


Separate Catalogs and separate Delivery Groups are easier for other admins to understand.

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