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User Session Load Evaluator Based On A Schedule In Citrix XA 7.x

John Hooper1709162241


Good Evening Citrix Community,

In the previous version of Citrix before 7.x I used to be able to configure user session load evaluators based on schedule. This has worked flawlessly for over 10 years until we had to move to Citrix XA 7.x. What I need to do achieve is based on a schedule configure a load evaluator to drain stop a server to prevent any further Citrix sessions (except for RDP).  Then, at a predetermined schedule allow that server to accept user sessions.


The basic mechanic is as follows.

   -  I have two Citrix XA servers in a delivery group configured with tags delivering a published application via Citrix Storefront. Lets call these ServerA & ServerB.

   -  At a predetermined time I need to prevent ServerA delivering the published application due to maintenance requirements. Set up a scheduled load evaluator to set to the user sessions allowed to 0.

   -  Perform the required maintenance activity on ServerA at a time convenient.

   -  At a predetermined time I need to allow ServerA to re-accept user sessions by removing the scheduled user session load evaluator

   -  At the same time deny any user sessions connecting to ServerB in order to perform the same maintenance activity.

   -  When the maintenance activity is complete on ServerB re-enable this to allow user sessions and perform load balancing.


It used to be so easy in previous versions of Citrix but now, for the life of me cannot seem to achieve this. If anyone has any suggestions I would be most thankful.


Kind Regards & thanks in advance for any feedback.




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