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After VDA upgrade servers show "maximum load" and "agent shutdown" status.


I've just upgrade my Citrix envorinoment to version 1912 CU1. Only thing left is to upgrade some VDA's on Published App servers. They run 7.15.

They upgrade fine, but after a VDA is upgraded this server shows up in Director as failure type "maximum load" and failure reason "agent shutdown". See attachment.


After two of the seven servers showed up like this, i've stopped upgrading the other VDA's. How can this occur?




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Hi Svenster81,


I ran across your post regarding "Maximum Load", "Agent Shutdown" failure type and the article that you followed to fix it. I am getting exact same error in Director but in my case I notice that Outlook.exe process (O365) is spiking Memory to 100%, effectively crashing the VDA and syncing down all users that are connected to it. We first had Outlook configured in the online mode and then changed it to cached exchange mode (as per Citrix recommendation) but that did not help. This is happening daily to a random user and random VDA server and Citrix Support has been unable to resolve it so far. I submitted the dump file of the faulty Outlook.exe process (24GB!) and now waiting for the results of their analysis.


I am also running 1912 LTSR CU1 and the VDAs are Windows Server 2012 R2; all patched regularly. In my case, the load index is less than 10000 in Studio. I have an active case open for this and will have to ask them if I should do what you did as per article CTX218335.


When you were dealing with this did you have an app or process that was causing "Maximum Load", "Agent Shutdown" failure type?


Thanks much,



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