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Some XenServer attributes such as "CPU utilisation" could not be retrieved by Citrix XenServer Management API

wei qin


I used the com.xensource.xenapi.HostCpu  which is from Citrix XenServer Management API (xenserver-6.0.0.jar) to get XenServer 7.1Cu2 env's  CPU related information such as the vendor of the physical CPU(HostCPU.vendor), the speed of the physical CPU(HostCPU.speed) , the model name of the physical CPU(HostCPU.modelname) and also including the current CPU utilisation(HostCPU.utilisation). Most attributes can get the correct values, but for CPU utilisation, it's always empty.

And I also find many attributes related to memory used/total size , net work in/out throughput etc. could not get the correct values.

Any idea about that?

Thanks in advance.


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I updated some detail information, hope can inspire someone, anyway thanks in advance. 


XenServer version : 7.1 Cu2

XenServer JAVA SDK : xenserver-6.0.0-1.jar along with xmlrpc-client-3.1.3.jar and xmlrpc-common-3.1.3.jar

A piece of my JAVA code:



import com.xensource.xenapi.HostCpu;


public IAttributeGroupRecord mapRecord(HostCpu.Record record, Connection connection) throws Types.XenAPIException, XmlRpcException {






   attributeGroupRecord.add(str(MessageFormat.format("{0,number,###.##}", record.utilisation), (record.utilisation != null) ));



   return attributeGroupRecord;



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