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Citrix Gateway PlugIn Blank Box with Duo Security

Rondall Stewart

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First, all of this works from a browser, Duo Push, SMS, and passcode entry all work, just not from opening the client directly.


I am using the Citrix Gateway Plug-In version for SSL VPN access with Duo Security for MFA.  When I try to connect via launching the client directly, and successfully entering correct credentials,  I get a blank box with no indication as to what to type in.  I have tried to enter the passcode from Duo Mobile and it errors out with invalid username and password.  I have also tried reentering the user password with no success. 


I have attached a screen shot of what I am seeing.

Citrix Gateway blank.png

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Did you solve this issue?  We are getting the same thing here despite setting up nFactor - which is working fine for logging in via the web portal for either VPN or Virtual Apps & Desktops but just not the VPN plug-in. 

For the portal we are using the rfWebUI theme as that is the one my customer already had and is the one Duo supports with nFactor.



Netscaler 12.1 55.18 & corresponding plug-in version


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