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Report - NetScaler Bandwith

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I have had issues with the reports being accurate when it comes to the actual amount of throughput.  I can never seem to get them to get the numbers from the report to be even remotely accurate. 


Start by looking at the SNMP traps for the appliance and setting a  threshold to alert you when traffic is approaching 50Mbps. You can set thresholds on throughput and Packets per second.  I've attached the SNMP alarms in the screenshot.  The SNMP objects are in the attached image.

Once you have that set, if you have a Netscaler ADM (MAS) you can set a rule to generate on those traps and email/sms text....ect.  PF-RL-RATE-PKTS-DROPPED will indicate packets being dropped due to hitting 50Mbps of traffic.  The threshold setting would just let you know when it hits the threshold you put for a value.






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